In the early 2000's, fine organic cotton
seemed impossible to find. After a year of searching, we
finally came upon a cooperative of family farms in India growing
and milling the heirloom quality cotton we had been dreaming of.

Distraught, we discovered they were about to cease
production as the market for organic cotton wasn't
big enough to support operations.

Pledging to purchase their inventory on hand,
plus anything else they would grow moving forward,
is how our Signature Airy Organic Cotton came to being.

Our range of fabrics has expanded, but we've remained
loyal to our original farmers, just as we've remained loyal
to producing airy, effortless pieces designed for the warmth
of vacation— or for when you just want to feel that way.

As pioneers of responsible luxury, we couldn't be
happier that the industry has evolved to be more
considerate with its materials and processes.

And, for our growing community, we couldn't be more
dedicated to imbue everything we do with thoughtfulness and
warm wishes— a feeling we hope you feel in each piece.

Family-owned and operated. Slowly made with
the craftspeople of New York City and Madagascar since 2006.